Banking And Financial Markets

Simply becoming a digitally better version of themselves isn’t enough to turn the tide. Like their competitors, banks need to become more relevant and harness digital to drive growth, they must rethink their “North Star” business models and be bold in reorienting their organizations—or they risk being left behind as the industry changes around them. That’s where LogiConex Banking comes in. Whether we’re helping modernize core banking operations, turn a mobile banking experience into a social one, or reinvent payment and credit models, our banking consulting services empower clients with data-driven insights and the right tools to adopt a mindset fit for today’s—and tomorrow’s—digital landscape.

Natural Resources

New digital technologies give mining, metals, forest products, and building materials companies a once-in-a-generation opportunity to tackle industry-wide challenges like changing commodity prices and global competition. Whether it’s digital disruption reshaping the steel industry or choosing supply chain technology investments, we power growth at speed and scale. Our Natural Resources consulting practice tailors technologies to your distinct needs, such as connected mines that radically transform in-pit operations and protect your greatest assets—your people.

Energy And Utilties

Our world runs on utilities. That’s why our utility consulting group helps companies, including electricity, gas, and water, reinvent their businesses to accelerate performance and drive future value and growth. We combine our deep utility industry expertise with digital innovation and leading-edge technology to bring unique end-to-end services to clients. Whether in power generation and transmission and distribution to energy retail and enterprise functions, our clients are proving there’s nothing companies can’t do through the power of digital.

High Tech

Our high-tech services are honed by decades of deep industry experience across a variety of sectors. Digital innovation is rapidly changing how products are conceived, created, sold and supported. Compounded by the trend toward smart, connected and AI-powered products, this digital upheaval is driving a major pivot to “as-a-service” and other new business models. So what does leadership look like in this new era of continual transformation? It’s a combination of reinventing the core business while simultaneously scaling new business model. It means rethinking high tech products and services offerings, delivering them across a digital supply chain, and infusing operations with AI and human-machine collaboration. Last but not least, it’s about building a workforce empowered with the right digital tools and a culture of constant innovation.

Goverment And Education

Disruptive forces are radically reshaping the world as we know it. How will your agency take them on to deliver your mission and the services your customers and workforce want in new and different ways? We invited strategists, designers, technologists, researchers, and current and former federal executives to point to where these forces are heading in the next 10 years, how they will impact government, and what you should do to prepare your agency now. At LogiConex, we explore the four trends shaping the next generation of government today: Data redefines relationships Virtual is the new face of government Trust is a critical infrastructure Authenticity is currency

Healthcare And Life Sciences

Insight Driven Health is the foundation of Logiconex’s innovation-led approach to more effective, efficient and affordable healthcare. Our committed professionals operate at the intersection of business and technology to combine real-world experience, clinical and business insights and new, enabling intelligent technologies to deliver the power of Insight Driven Health in a demanding new digital world. That’s why the world’s leading healthcare payers, providers and public health entities choose Logiconex for a wide range of end-to-end services that help them become the intelligent healthcare enterprises of the future – from the back office to the doctor’s office. Life sciences are evolving rapidly from selling products to delivering value through better patient outcomes.


As the insurance industry is disrupted, digital insurers are harnessing the power of technology and seizing new opportunities. Our insurance consulting services are using AI, cloud and other transformative technologies to help P&C insurers, life carriers and reinsurers improve their core operations, develop new sources of revenue growth, and pivot successfully to ‘the new’. We are also assisting them to become more relevant to customers, more agile, and more secure in the face of cyber-threats. In short, we are helping equip them to thrive in a much more dynamic future.

Media And Entertainment

Reimagine your digital video business. When faced with disruption, an incumbency mindset won’t cut it. Logiconex Digital Video works with video, advertising, and content businesses to drive broad innovation across business models, operating models and technologies. Our Innovation Framework unlocks value – reigniting growth in core services, and driving new digital businesses.

Retail And Consumer Products

We see a very different future ahead. A consumer goods and services industry that has redefined brand relevance, placing consumers at the center of everything they do. An ever-changing set of players creating a new ecosystem and business models. Where needs are evident and responses are immediate, with capabilities to efficiently produce in the right scale unit, at the right time. CPG companies must balance the current business and explore new growth, using data and digital innovation to adapt. The overarching strategic decision CPG companies must take? Making a wise pivot from the core business to new engines of growth. As new brands continue to emerge and grab market share, large CPG companies must focus on accelerating growth to stay relevant to the consumer… or risk ceasing to exist.


As a society, we are nearing a turning point in digital enterprise, where more businesses will have completed their digital transformations than not. The emergence of a post-digital world has given communications companies the potential for exceptional capabilities. The 2019 Communications Technology Vision highlights five emerging trends that will shape businesses over the next three to five years. Each trend shows how digital saturation is raising expectations, abilities, and risks and how communications leaders need to set themselves apart. Trend 1: DARQ power Trend 2: Get to know me Unlock unique consumers and unique opportunities Trend 3: Human+ Worker Change the workplace or hinder the workforce Trend 4: Secure us to secure me Entreprises are not victims, they’re vectors Trend 5: My Markets Meet consumers’ needs at the speed of now

Travel And Transportation

We’re in an age of unprecedented competition, market volatility and disrupted business models. Expectations are higher than ever. Change is not just fast, but exponential. Travel, airline, and hospitality companies have to keep pace and grow into agile, real-time and connected travel platforms. They must reinvent themselves to be more relevant and deliver engaging customer experiences and stronger travel loyalty programs. Leaders have to modernize technology to keep up with demands while improving operations. We empower companies and their hospitality workforce with tools like travel AI and chatbots, and data-driven insights to transform into intelligent operations.

Nonprofits & NGOs

Nonprofits, NGOs and education institutions have a tremendous opportunity to leverage new technologies to scale up their impact and ultimately achieve their critical missions. The Fourth Industrial Revolution offers huge opportunities to transform social good organizations for the better. Here are five key ways nonprofits, NGOs and education institutions can benefit:

  • Connect to anyone, from anywhere, on any device
  • Scale like never before
  • Organize communities and engage more deeply
  • Predict outcomes
  • Measure the impact

Freight & Logistics

Across land, sea, and skies, waves of digital disruption are redefining Freight and Logistics. The global merchandise trade is expected to increase by 4 percent in 2019* but more fundamental changes, like industry consolidation, increased supply chain complexity, and regulatory changes are reshaping the landscape. The industry is facing increasing market volatility, with a 10-time rise in new entrants. Digital players are leveraging agile business models allowing carriers to work directly with customers, eliminating intermediaries. Add in the changing customer expectations such as the need for 24/7 service, frictionless and additional services, and flexibility in the supply chain, and the message is clear: The Freight and Logistics industry must transform fast to tackle competitive threats and capitalize on new opportunities